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During my 15 year career in Investment Banking the same niggling thought kept popping into my mind:

"There’s got to be more to life than this."

Sometimes it would flit in and out and other times it would hang around for months.

It was during the first spell of this that I took my first adventure when I bought a ‘round the world’ plane ticket and took off to travel for a year.

Returning to the reality of routine, bills and a more structured life, I continued in my career practically where I’d left off. I was then fortunate to be offered a job with an International Investment Company that enabled me to travel between their offices in London, Tokyo and New York. It was in New York that I stayed for the best part of ten years. New York was everything everybody said it would be and more. To me it was full of life, vibrant, fun, exciting and every bit alive! My adventures continued and I made the absolute best of living there without my feet touching the ground.

Then slowly, that familiar thought from a time gone by popped back into my head. I became tired and worn out and the thought became a daily question:

"Surely there’s more to life than this?"

It was during the aftermath of September 11th that I finally burnt out and decided I needed a new adventure.

I understand how life can be up one minute and come crashing down the next, I have suffered great losses and I know how debilitating this can be. As a result, I have made a promise to myself that I would enjoy every minute of my life and live it to the full. I quit my job, packed up my apartment, said goodbye and without a thought as to what to do next, I moved back to the UK. It was quite by chance, I then discovered Life Coaching. This is absolutely the most exhilarating, satisfying and rewarding adventure yet! I am so passionate about Life Coaching and the amazing results it achieves!

I was trained and certified as a Life Coach by the Coaching Academy (2004) and a Confidence Coach and Group Trainer by Dawn Breslin (2006)

I have been trained and certified as a Trainer of NLP and Hypnotherapy by Master Trainers of NLP, Melody & Joe Cheal at the GWiz Learning Partnership (www.GWiznlp.com) and Master Trainer Julie Silverthorn.


Coaching Academy Diploma in Coaching with Merit (2004)
Dawn Breslin Confidence Coach Practitioner (2005)
Dawn Breslin Self Confidence & Self-Esteem Group Trainer (2006)
NLP Practitioner (2011)
NLP Master Practitioner (2012)
Certificate in Transactional Analysis for Leaders, Coaches and Trainers (2012)
Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner (2012)
NLP & Hypnotherapy Trainer (2013)

I live in Fenny Stratford just south of Milton Keynes with my two Labradors, Smudge and Truffle.

My Personal Commitment to You:

I am dedicated 100% to supporting you achieve the positive results that you desire. I will believe in you and your ability to be the successful achiever that deep down, you already know you are capable of being. I will inspire you to seek every option for change that is available to you and then I will motivate you to take the action that will result in the most gratifying fulfilment of you achieving your goal.

Allow me to support you in taking the first step into your future. A future filled with fulfilment, peace of mind and happiness.



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