What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is the way forward for any dedicated person looking to make changes in their life and achieve their goals. Simplistically, it is a conversation between two people, the coach and the client whereby the coach provides 100% support and encouragement to the client who wants to move forward and make positive changes in their life. With the use of effective questioning and various fun tools and exercises, the coaching process draws out your full potential, peels back the layers and exposes the real authentic wonderful you! The process is designed to empower you to take control of and responsibility for every element of your life. You will soon discover with excitement that you are capable of achieving anything you desire!

If you’ve ever wondered if there is more to life than you are currently experiencing, ask yourself this: “What is it that I truly want?” Then pick up the phone and call me on (+44) 01908 270154 or 07900 192231 and together we will discover the answers within you.

What Life Coaching is not.

Life Coaching is not counselling or therapy, which tend to focus on healing past specific events. As your coach, I understand that your past has made you who you are today however; we will not dwell on these issues because Coaching is about moving you forward!

Why does it work?

Simply because it makes people feel wonderful!

How does it work?

  • You state positively a goal you wish to achieve
  • Together we discover your core values and beliefs
  • We examine any current barriers that are currently acting as a block
  • We establish your healthy self-esteem and self-confidence
  • You identify all your options
  • You pick the best option and take action!
  • You achieve your goal and feel fantastic!

Coaching sessions are designed to suit you. Coaching is effective both either face-to-face or over the phone, the duration of each session will be anything from forty five (45) minutes to an hour and a half, depending upon the subject and flow.

The initial 25 minute introductory session is free with no obligation.

For any additional information please call me on (+44) 01908 270154 or 07900 192231



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